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Notes From The Shed: A Time to Reflect

Updated: May 15, 2020

With lockdown looking like it will continue for a few weeks yet, now is the time to reflect and:

a). take up a new hobby

b). continue a new hobby that you once started but had to drop for various reasons

c). all of the above

The thing is, I think we all don’t think we have the time to sit down and do what we all love. Whether it’s picking up that musical instrument again, watching that film you’ve been promising your partner you’ll watch for ages, or clearing out that space you’ve been thinking about for a while… we’ve all got at least one thing.

For me, that’s cracking on with some articles about conservation, nature and the natural beauty of Wales. I write for a living in the outdoors industry, and I’ve read numerous articles about the Brecon Beacons or Snowdonia. These National Parks are on my doorstep here in Wales, so I definitely take them for granted! What better time to start this blog, reflect and share stories with others…

However, one slight catch, lockdown means lockdown right, so there will be no travelling for a while. None the less, I’m going to get going with some conservation pieces, as we live on a farm and there’s always something to do! Whether it’s planting that tree, fixing a fence, reinforcing the riverbanks or planting some veg, join me as I share stories from the Welsh Countryside and share my favourite spots to visit (once we’re all allowed out again).

One positive to come out of this not-so-ideal situation, is the ability for wildlife to reach back into our environment, no matter how urban you are. From sheep taking over town centres, Deer roaming in London and swans gliding down city canals, it’s great to see that nature is thriving as we’ve decreased our pollution levels.

Image by Robert Aggiero

So, how are you spending lockdown? Are you spending the time to reflect and spend more time in nature?

I’d love to hear how you’re getting on and I’ll feature you on my social media:

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