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Sustainable Food Production: Grow Your Own Fruit & Vegetables

So, while we were in lockdown, I suggested some plants we could all grow easily. (Don't worry if you missed it! Find it here. )

A few months later, here's how I got on!...


This was probably one of the most successful things to grow over the last couple of months. All we did was plant an old potato which had began to grow roots. Low and behold we're now supplied with a decent crop!

Not only were most a decent size but they had taken really well to the new soil. Every time I dug down, more and more appeared! There was definitely a variety of sizes, but thankfully enough big ones to keep as we go into autumn.

I'm so excited to add them to our roast dinner or a fresh potato salad. What do you make with yours?


Now, these really took off! To be honest we planted lines of dried peas like no tomorrow, so I would have been really surprised if we didn't get a good yield from these plants...

I can't even explain how good these taste, we picked the peas when they were just right and eat them with EVERYTHING.

I normally hate peas from the supermarket, but fresh, healthy green produce tastes completely different to anything you'll find in the freezer aisle.

You don't really need a massive place to grow them either, grab a planter from March - June and just bury some in the soil, water, and wait!


These didn't work. Not even one. Nothing. Nada. Zero.

It might be the soil...I'll have to try these somewhere else next season!

Wild strawberries

We had a handful of wild strawberries peek through - they were so small, sweet and delicious! If you're expecting massive strawberries like supermarket ones though- don't even try.

As they are so small, you've got to keep a watchful eye on them though to make sure you don't miss any.

The flavour packs a punch! It's as through one of these condenses the flavour of five bigger strawberries. They may be small -but they are powerful!


Well I think anyone can grow this - it appeared in abundance and has been topping our salads ever since! No need to even put it outside, as long as you have a window ledge, an old ice cream tub and some damp kitchen roll or cotton wool, you're good to go!

It didn't take long for the seeds to develop at all, and we got a few rounds out of it.


This herb nearly took over the plot if I'm honest...and thrived in the sunny corner of the veggie patch!

Great they grew so much and handy just to snip with scissors and sprinkle over dinner. A low key, easy herb which I probably won't need to grow more of, but one I'll definitely make the most of while it's there.

The best thing? This all cost nothing, and it's something we can all do. Let us know how you got on! #waleswithmair on social media to share your photos


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