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Hello / Shwmae
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Welcome to my blog - a combination of environmental and lifestyle stories which aims to promote sustainable living in Wales, so we can protect it's natural beauty for the next generation.

This down to earth blog explores wild Wales, chatting about conservation and celebrating local business. Wales is famous for its great produce and beautiful countryside and if there's one thing I want to write about... it's this.

I've been lucky enough to get involved with some international conservation projects, writing about their stories and amazing efforts to protect wildlife - but it made me wonder... why am I not doing anything to protect nature closer to  home.

You’re probably wondering who I am. In a nutshell, I was born in Abergavenny, Wales, travelled around the world and now I'm back again. I like talking (naturally) and hearing people's stories, so I've created this blog to unravel the hidden tales, which lie within the Welsh countryside.


So, join me as we discover Wales, reach out to local conservationists,  and speak to local people on the ground with true stories.


Do you have a subject which you'd like to collaborate on? I’d love to hear your ideas -email me:

(Some of you may know me as Jenn, Mair is my middle name!)

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