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Climate Cymru Green Tour of Wales 2021

We hopped into two electric cars and travelled around Wales for the Climate Cymru Green Tour 2021. The aim was to record the voices of welsh communities, and gather their views and solutions in regards to the climate crisis. Every voice should have the opportunity to heard, which is why we will then present them to the Senedd and later, take them to COP26.

I joined the tour as an ambassador on the 'southern loop' with Sam and Siri (and a virtual online media team of course!), interviewing opinion formers, business owners and community groups.

We covered areas from the Brecon Beacons to St Davids to Cardiff, allowing real stories to shine through. It was fantastic to hear messages from the heart of local areas. From floating offshore wind farms, to community gardens and city farms, listening to stories and insights is powerful, and we can't wait to share these with the leaders.

You don't need to be clued up on politics or the 'ins and outs' of complex environmental issues to get involved. We can all make small changes to our lifestyle which can help push us towards the net zero goal. Whether it's taking one less trip in the car or buying more sustainable and ethical products, we can all do our bit. Find out how the little changes can make a big difference here.

Why not take your voice to our leaders, what would like to say? Add your voice here.


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