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Climate Cymru: Senedd, COP26, what next?

It's fair to say it's been an incredibly busy year with Climate Cymru - from our Green Tour, speaking on the steps of the Welsh Parliament, to attending COP26, the campaign has gone from strength to strength, and it continues to grow.

- The Climate Cymru campaign promotes the voices of the Welsh public, encouraging all communities in Wales to have their say on how we can best tackle the climate and nature crisis -

A month after the Green Tour around Wales, we delivered an ice-heart to the Senedd. We spoke directly to key ministers, including the Minister and Deputy Minister for Climate Change (Julie James and Lee Waters ). It was such an incredible day, and key for the campaign to engage with members of our parliament who are at the heart of climate discussions in Wales. At this point in time (October 2021) we had gathered just over 10,000 individual voices, and hundreds of sign ups from businesses and organisations.

Media including ITV Wales, and BBC Wales covered the story. They filmed 10 of us as (each representing 1,000 voices) as we delivered messages from communities and individuals across Wales.

The ice-heart was a physical representation of Welsh voices, and sparked conversations from the wider public.

Once it got dark, we projected your video messages on to the sculpture - to bring your messages alive and literally bring voices from all over Wales to the Senedd.

We received some great press coverage that evening, including ITV Wales and BBC Wales which helped to elevate the campaign and create further awareness.

Naturally, the ice-heart slowly melted, and in just under 10 hours this was the difference..

Far Left: The first block in place. Middle: The ice-heart sculpture completed. Far right: The ice heart after just 10 hours

Once the messages were delivered to the Welsh Parliament, it was time to take them to the global stage...

COP26 , November 2021

(View the highlights on instagram here: @climatecymru and @waleswithmair

By the time we had arrived at COP26, we had now reached over 13,000 voices and over 250 organisations (including schools, businesses and community groups).

Over two weeks, members of the Climate Cymru team actively engaged in events, talks and networking in Glasgow, and I was lucky enough to join them during the first week. I'd like to say a BIG thank you to the Becky Garnault Foundation who supported my visit.

Our Campaign Manager, Sam Ward attended both the Green and Blue Zone, meeting daily with well-informed civil society observers who were directly linked with the negotiations. We also met with our amazing partners, such as Size of Wales, Climate Coalition and other UK wide networks to align our messages and maximize the impact of public pressure. (Read the last blog here).

Sam Ward, Campaign Manager, Lucy Meredith, Ambassador, Carwyn Jones, Size of Wales Chairman and Former Welsh First Minister, Jennifer- Mair, Ambassador.

The Youth Climate Ambassadors for Wales also took to the streets for the #FridaysForFuture march in Glasgow, so we joined them to support their voices and messages.

A definite highlight for me was to meet some of our partners in person, having worked remotely for so long! It was also incredible to show our ‘Message to our leaders’ video in the Green Zone, which displayed the voices we gathered on our Green Tour earlier in the year.

Through The Size of Wales, Climate Cymru were able to interview the chief of the Guarani people, an indigenous tribe in Brazil. We asked him about climate change and how the way we live in Wales has a direct affect on indigenous land and people.

The team worked tirelessly throughout the two weeks, and although I am from more of a communications background, it's been great to learn more about political negotiations. I thoroughly enjoyed my week with the wider team, and would welcome anyone who would like to find out more about Climate Cymru to drop us a message- we're a very friendly bunch!

Is it too late to add my voice and join the campaign?

Not at all!

As messages are submitted online, you can send over your message in an instant – anytime, anywhere. So far, we have collected over 13,000 voices… and counting!

What do you think we should be doing in Wales to combat the nature and climate crisis? How can your community do more to protect the landscape we love?

...and follow us on social too: @climatecymru

Take care,


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