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10 Ways to Create Less Waste

I don't know about you, but I've made a few changes recently to try and decrease the amount of waste I produce - mainly plastics. As we all know, plastics can cause countless problems for our planet, so what can we do about it?

It's great that so many people are making smaller changes, like using canvas shopping bags, reusable face masks and ditching the cling film. But what other ways can we do our bit to help the environment?

Well, here are a few more tips to further reduce your household waste:

1.Swap plastic sponges for bamboo brushes and natural pumice stones

Synthetics and plastics take much longer to breakdown in landfill than natural fibres

2. Ditch the sellotape

Wrap gifts in natural twine or raffia

3. Collect rainwater to water your house plants and garden

Reusing natural water (which we have lots of in Wales!) is the obvious answer to cutting down on our water usage too - and this water wouldn't have been treated either which are better for the plants.

4. Order milk in glass bottles

Refillable glass bottles are more eco-friendly than the regular single use plastic from the supermarket

5. Ditch butter in plastic containers

Switch to butter which is wrapped in recyclable paper

6. Swap nylon floss for silk floss and forget the mouthwash

Silk is a more natural fibre, so it will decompose quicker. For the mouthwash - some claim that coconut oil can do the same job if you swill it in your mouth for 5 mins (make sure you spit it out into the bin or it can clog drains!). It also has natural anti-fungal and anti-bacteria properties too.

7. Swap shampoo bottles for a shampoo bar

Shampoo bars avoid bulky plastic packaging. What you see is what you get - store the shampoo bar in a re-usable tin too (I've always loved the ones from Lush! Cosmetics - not sponsored)

8. Reusable water bottles

I think that most people have caught on to this one by now - especially on long journeys

9. Use metal or paper straws

Need I say more?!

10. Prepare your food

Prep your lunch using left overs from the night before to avoid using single use sandwich packaging. There are lovely bamboo lunchboxes on the market now, or use a jar to layer a healthy salad.

Do you have other ways to help to reduce plastic waste? Let me know!


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