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Gwrych Castle: Did you spot these top 5 facts?

I'm A Celebrity 2020 is drawing to a close tonight and it's been great to see Gwrych Castle take centre stage and show off the great history and heritage we have here in Wales.

More importantly, it's helped the trust to promote their current restoration project which will help to conserve the castle for the future (I've donated - you can too via this link! )

Throughout the show, the Gwrych Castle have shared some amazing facts across their social media channels - how many did you pick up?

Here's some to impress your friends and family tonight...

1. Gwrych Castle is so large, it has 18 towers and 120 rooms

2. The boxer Randolph Turpin is said to have trained at the castle in the 1950's before his boxing match against Sugar Ray Robinson

3. The 19th century castle is Grade I listed and is set in 250 acres

4. 'Gwrych' translates to 'bristles' in English. It's thought the castle got it's name as the bushes and gorse around the castle look like the back of a sleeping wild boar

5. A coat of arms and a knight's helmet made of stone, were both stolen from the castle in 2003 and 2008. They have never been recovered... but the Castle's Facebook page is hoping to raise awareness and track it down! Unfortunately, items have been going missing since the 80's, but recently they have found a few pieces of the original stained glass window

So, will you be visiting the castle once it's back open in 2021?

If you'd like to find out more about the castle, you can visit their website here or find other great places to explore via the Visit Wales website or Visit Conwy website.

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