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Farm Life: Easy food you can grow

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

1. Cress

You can do this with your eyes closed - literally. Whether you live in a towerblock, or a zillion acre farm, all you need is some wet kitchen roll / compost and some cress seed.

Ok, you can get fancy and pot them up, or you can use whatever you have. I've seen people use empty egg shells with faces on filled with cotton wool or tissue, or even in an old celebrations box lined with damp kitchen roll. The world is your oyster and it's a great activity for kids too. If you have hens too then a fresh egg and cress sandwich is waiting for you!...

2. Strawberries

Ok, this is a bit harder, but still do- able. Get some lovely compost and plant your strawberry plants in them, but give them lots of room. They also light to be warm in a sunny area, so window sills, a balcony or a door stop is perfect!

For more info click here.

3. Peas

I go a bit wild with these, but they are also very easy to grow. If you're planting dried peas, make sure that you soak them for at least a few hours before you plant them up. Make a small trench in the soil a couple of centimeteres deep, plant your pea and re-cover. There's probably a rule about how far each pea needs to be, but if I'm honest I just sprinkle them in the trench and this always seems to work. Below is a young shoot from some I planted last month!

4. Potatoes

To grow potatoes you will need a seed potato (the ones with the root growing out of the hole called an 'eye'). These naturally use their own energy to sprout new spuds. You can buy seed potatoes ready to go, or make them from some you already own (there are lots of youtube tutorials on this if you would like to learn how in more detail!).

Dig a trench that's quite deep (around 3 inches) and then plant about 12 inches apart. They will need alot of room to grow.

Also remember that you don't have to have beds to grow them - you can use containers or potato bags.

If you start to see some greenery sprouting. make sure you cover it with straw if the weather turns colder again. This will help to protect them.

5. Chives

Finally, Chives Again, great for growing on window sills, plant beds of wherever you can place a pot or dig a trench!

If you're starting from scratch, grab some seeds from your nearest garden centre or shop (such as Wilkos) for as little as £1. Put stones in the bottom of a pot, fill with compost and water. Once you've done this you also need the seed to germanate, so cover your pot in plastic and leave it on a window ledge (the plastic will help to retain the moisture). You will see that the seeds will germinate. Keep watering and enjoy the Chives!


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